You have a right to know what your money supports.

What if you learned your money currently supported companies that knowingly pollute the environment or use sweatshop labor to build their products? Or engage in regular animal testing? Or mistreat employees?

Would you still invest in them?


⁄’mīn(d)fəl⁄  ⁄in’vest–ing⁄
The act of consciously committing money to an investment strategy with the intention of growing your wealth while supporting your personal values.

At Censible, we support the mindful investor.
  • Are you a long-term thinker looking to invest in your future?
  • Do you stand for more than short-term profits?
  • Do you value knowing what your money is funding?
  • Do you wish you could invest in the social values you actually care about?
  • Do you crave a sense of ownership in the companies you invest in?
  • Do you embrace technology and long for a simple way to invest?

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